Lex by Nemiroff

by Nemiroff

  • Strategic Big Idea
  • Campaign Creative Direction
  • Film

When Nemiroff decided to create an ultra premium vodka, they knew it had to reinvent the very notion of what the world’s best vodka could be. At HWE, it was our job to develop a Big Idea. Something that would unleash creativity and confidence on the vodka category. A style that can ride different, run free, push boundaries and forge its own path. We wanted to create something to be savoured by vodka drinkers that share LEX attitudes and beliefs; those that embody the indomitable spirit, fuelled by creativity and confidence.

We established an iconic creative device which would become the LEX by Nemiroff hero asset, inspired by the iconic multi-faceted glass bottle. This asset visually celebrates the essence of indomitable spirit. It breathes with the endless movement of creative energy. Acting as a lens to provide ‘A New Perspective on Vodka’, it explores the tension between purity and complexity, simplicity and refinement, convention and liberation. The official debut was an exclusive event at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

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