HWE post - Freedom to Be

Freedom to Be

LEX by Nemiroff to make its official debut at TFWA Cannes

New ultra-premium, Ukrainian vodka brand LEX by Nemiroff played host to the travel-retail and duty-free industry at TFWA Cannes to reveal what it calls “a new perspective on vodka” and campaign message Freedom to Be at the JW Marriott Hotel rooftop.

LEX by Nemiroff has launched with the modern generation of drinkers in mind. “The result is a vodka that challenges convention, liberates the spirit, and embraces the beautiful tension between purity and complexity, simplicity and refinement”.

The launch event offered guests an immersive experience, which included a display of mirrored spheres that created distorted reflections of the surroundings, turning the rooftop into an interactive journey where every angle offered a new perspective.

The event’s concept centred around embracing new perspectives, reminding attendees that a change of scenery can transform an outlook. It celebrated Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage and indomitable spirit, with small reminders of Ukrainian roots scattered throughout the event. A highlight of the evening was a special performance by the renowned Ukrainian singer, Maryna Krut.

Mykola Takzey, CMO at Nemiroff said of the launch: “LEX by Nemiroff has successfully shattered preconceptions and proved that nothing is set in stone when it comes to vodka. As the brand shows, perspective is everything, and with the LEX by Nemiroff way of looking at things, the overly simplistic becomes a source of fabulous inspiration”.


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