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Clive Christian


  • Campaign
  • Social Content

We were required to consider the two eras from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, telling the story and aesthetic beauty of the perfumes and the lifestyle and architecture of the times. To truly celebrate the romantic flowing styles of the Art Nouveau period we were required to embrace the delicate colours of the period and reflect a time of celebration. We looked at embracing the sharp lines and hypnotic geometric art forms associated with the Art Deco period, while always considering the perfumes and their notes.

We developed a campaign that would evoke a sense of magic and allure as with all previous Noble launches. Visually striking, relevant, and demographic friendly to enticing them to discover more about each perfume. A strong feeling and an emotional reason within the customer that would make them want to purchase was curated. Targeted at the digitally savvy to embrace the millennial consumer, the campaign comprises print through to an always-on social strategy.

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