HWE is a Luxury Marketing & Branding agency. We create aspirational lifestyles for brands, informed by audience insight and metrics.

for Tomorrow's Icons

for Tomorrow’s Icons


What differentiates us,
differentiates you

Unique images rich in meaning, imbued with story-telling signifiers, clues and cues. Well-defined luxury marketing that’s built on an innate understanding of the architecture of luxury brands, plus 25 years experience. How to build them, how they should look, think and feel. Insider knowledge informing insightful positioning. Luxury communications that deliver on the unique, emotionally charged Image-Making, relevant to now.

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The New-Luxury Consumers

Identified by HWE’s strategic knowledge of cultural insights and social dynamics, we know they’re seeking brands that aren’t mere status symbols, but ones that are in empathy with who they are. Our strategic intelligence informs us that these awakened consumers are seeking luxury brands in their own image. They look for meaning – we devise strategy that delivers it, planned, tested & optimised.

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Image-Makers in Action

Intrigue, mystery, excitement, allure – our creative and strategic vision ensures brilliant campaigns that resonate with the innermost desires of the new-luxury consumer. Adding insightful story-telling to strong branding compels involvement. Our campaigns are stunning to look at, images powered by imagination. And they’re moving the meaning of luxury.

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A Vibrant Presence

Vibrant and vital. It’s where ownership of your brand begins, boxed, wrapped or bagged. HWE’s Image-Making and luxury design credentials ensure packaging solutions that reflect the beauty of the brand coupled with the values, the new-needs, of the luxury consumer. For them, it’s the start of the story, promises made, promises kept. It’s HWE’s Image-making that intrigues, promising much, delivering more.

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ISO Luxury
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Janet Reger
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I am not a Robot
– embracing Soft-Skills

New Media brilliantly showcasing brands with the introduction of HWE’s soft-skills. Using vivid imagination and empathy, HWE is bringing meaningful creative expression to digital space. Its Image-Making is designed to entrance, and in doing so, enhance the user-experience. Of course you’d expect us to have solid knowledge of online and social media. They’re givens. We’ve simply stirred into the mix our love of beauty and storyscapes, our Image-Making soft-skills. In abundance.

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