To name, brand and develop technology for a revolutionary new concept in luxury retail. Matching ultra-luxury brands – haute couture, fashion, jewellery, watches, leather goods, beauty, apparel, automotive, art, hospitality and design – with ultra-high net worth customers, the ’Ambassadors’ and the new generation of influencers via a reward incentive app. Our Aim: to shift luxury shoppers’ purchasing decisions, encourage tactile shopping choices at the finest brands and revolutionise the spending patterns of ultra-high net worth customers worldwide.


We conceived a brand name called ISO The initials stand for In Search Of. ISO (pronounced EYE So) has outstanding insider knowledge on the rarified, stratospheric world high net worth individuals operate within. Whatever you’re ‘In Search Of’ that’s discerning, beautiful, desirable, cultured, beauty, couture, ISO has curated elitist knowledge for you. We implemented the brand treatment across a revolutionary app concept, a backend CMS system with API integration. It was essential the app reflected the brand’s model and offering, while establishing a solid foundation for a variety of content contributed by brands.


  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Website Design
  • Social
  • UX Design
  • UI Design