Indulge in the Luxury of Leisure

PuzzleLux is a true extension of founder Colleen Mallett. Growing up with scavenger hunts, Scrabble games and mystery novels cultivated her budding interest in solving puzzles. Reading Classics Illustrated comics gave her a love of the vividly printed page. Sitting in the top branches of her backyard willow tree, Colleen indulged in the luxury of free time and discovered the beauty of the world around her. PuzzleLux is a culmination of bringing together her passions and sharing them with other great minds who value the pursuit of leisure.

Each day you can indulge your mind, body and soul with the PuzzleLux collection of puzzles. Print medium gives you superior comprehension and memory retention. Mindful and engaging content enlightens and entertains; Paper and pencil puzzles stimulate, challenge and enhance your cognitive functions.

Daily Crossword, Sudoku, Word Scramble and Cryptogram puzzles. Each puzzle is exclusive to our collection; not syndicated and not available anywhere else. Crafted by a team of distinguished & diverse international constructors.

Puzzles artfully presented on premium paper; a four page daily visual feast. Handsome packaging goes beyond simple functionality. Fashioned for those with an eye for design and detail. A beautiful gift to give or receive.