Appreciating elements such as strength, confidence and the importance of how to stand elegantly and stride beautifully, Nouf began to obsess over the vibrant colours and craftsmanship that go into making the world’s most beautiful shoes. Her passion led to the creation of luxury new shoe brand NOFA. The unique designs take inspiration from Nouf’s upbringing in Qatar with its eclectic surroundings. The very DNA of the collection is formed through an appreciation of the architecture, people and nature there. “My craving for design led me to look for different beauty sources,” explains Nouf. “I found myself with a kind of addiction that opened the way to explore a new world. “I also started to notice that whenever I wore new shoe designs I was getting lots of compliments from friends and family members, and realised that what I was wearing had a synergy with the way I felt and interacted. “A pair of shoes can do a lot of talking on behalf of the wearer. The colour, heel height, design and texture, even the wear and tear, can say so much.” Realising that assumptions are often formed about people from their choice of footwear, Nouf spent countless hours creating designs that she felt would bring elegance, luxury and a feeling of confidence to NOFA wearers. “Providing a constant connection between the wearer and her confidence is a mission that I need to focus on constantly to achieve my goal,” she says. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it may be that few of us really consider what true beauty means and we fail to embrace or recognize existentialism. Thanks to an appreciation of diversity and individualism, NOFA encapsulates a unique personality with soul. Put simply, NOFA offers bespoke style for those who appreciate that true beauty.

Written by Marie-Anne Hamilton Photography: benjamin Kaufmann